Let’s Talk Weekly Podcast: Ep.23 – Katniss Go!

19 Feb

Greetings, fellow traveler of the interwebs!! We’re here with another installment of the podcast. On today’s episode, Jazzmin Jolly returns to discuss Katsucon, The Hunger Games and some things she’s looking forward to this year.

Photo Courtesy: Jazzmin Jolly

Photo Courtesy: Jazzmin Jolly

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Let’s Talk Weekly Podcast: Ep.22 – Valentine’s Day – #28DaysOfBlackCosplay

14 Feb

Hey, everyone!! Happy Valentine’s Day!! Yep, it’s that time of the year again; single’s awareness day. No, we’re kidding. It is a day of happiness for everyone. regardless if they’re dating or not.

Mintykid and Chancellor D are together again to discuss some Valentine’s Day inspired stories that relate to the previous episode. If you haven’t heard the previous episode, we suggest that you stop reading and go check it out. We’ll wait … Continue reading

Let’s Talk Weekly Podcast: Ep.21 – The Ultimate Bias List – Season Three Premiere

13 Feb

Happy New Year!! Welcome to 2015!! Yes, we’re late starting out, but that’s life. Anyway, we’re back!!

In the season three premiere, Mintykid and Chancellor D discus many things including Arrow, The Flash and something major that happened this week in the MCU. If you haven’t heard, Spider-Man is joining The Avengers. Well, sometime in the future of the cinematic universe.
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Let’s Talk Weekly Podcast: Ep.20 – The Christmas Gossip Girl – Season Two Finale

23 Dec


Season two of the podcast has finally come to an end! Thank you to everyone that helped make this a success. In this episode, the one and only Mintykid makes her third appearance. We discuss a number of thing including upcoming movies and favorite things from the year. Also, we take a look back at the year that was 2014! Continue reading

Let’s Talk Weekly Podcast: Ep.19 – Enter Jazzmin Jolly – Part 2

22 Oct
Photo Courtesy: Jazzmin Jolly

Photo Courtesy: Jazzmin Jolly

In May of 2014, the beginning of the convention season, some of us went to Animazement (a anime convention in Raleigh, N.C.). While there, we met a lot of cool people. One person we met there in passing is today’s guest, Jazzmin Jolly. A few month’s later, we sent her an invite to come on the show and as they say, the rest is history. Continue reading