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Let’s Talk Weekly Podcast: E3 2016 W/ Butterfly Samurai

E3 Logo 2016

Hello, gamers and citizens of the World Wide Web! Welcome to another gaming filled episode as we discuss the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)! Feels like we just did this, doesn’t it? This year, Chancellor D was joined by Jessica, also known as Butterfly Samurai, whom shared her honest thoughts on the show. Continue Reading »

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Let’s Talk Weekly Podcast: Ep.26 – Jenna Say What?



Photo Courtesy: Jenna Say what?

Greetings, citizens of the interwebs! Welcome to another exciting episode of our podcast. On today’s installment, the “cosplayer, model, YouTuber, makeup addict, and all around goofy chick,” Jenna Say What? joins Chancellor D to discuss cosplay, conventions, meeting fun people and a little thing called life.

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Let’s Talk Weekly Podcast: Ep.25 – E-Sports With PrideStark


In this installment of the podcast, Chancellor D and the one and only PrideStark discuss the exciting world of League Of Legends. They discuss many things including how the game has become a collegiate and Olympic sport. Also, they delve into the hypothetical future of gaming. If you’re looking into starting a career in LOL or are fascinated in understanding the popular franchise, tune in to see what PrideStark has to say. Continue Reading »

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Ride With Me to Florida Supercon : MintyKid Edition

Hi! I’m Winry Rockbell. Nice to meet ya!

A new voice has arrived onto the Let’s Talk Weekly website (well, my writing voice that is). Welcome my Weekly readers and listeners. This is MintyKid in the digital flesh. I am excited to share a little bit about my nerdy life with you all. I’m not sure if you many readers and listeners know that I live in sunny South Florida. I was born and raised within the Sunshine state for 24 years now. One thing that has been a part of my life since I was younger has been anime and Japanese culture. Continue Reading »

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Let’s Talk Weekly Podcast: E3 2015 Review


Welcome to a special edition of the Let’s Talk Weekly Podcast where we discuss the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)!! The panel for this discussion included DJ Reimei, PrideStark and Chancellor D. Continue Reading »